I’m back with unspeakable horrors! (Click to enlarge)
When I was 8, I drew a very disturbing dog family, and this is a remake in my current style. I basically haven’t drawn in a year, and this was fun ^^

The house is based on the hut where my great-grandmother grew up with her many sisters and brothers. The father was a shoemaker and alcoholic, and most (if not all) kids moved to the city to work in the factories before they were even teenagers, if I remember correctly.

Details, and their partly updated names to fit the Finnish rural horror setting:

Musti (Mother, 43 y.), Noska (15 y.)

Katariina (16 y.), Nosko (20 y.)

Kielis (13 y.), Vihris (17 y.)

Vinos (12 y.), Neni (15 y.) – I don’t know if I did it on purpose when I was 8, but apparently Noska and Neni are twins.

Vihris (17 y.), Viia (20 y.)

Nosne (Father, 44 y.)

The original drawings, that I drew with crayons on the back of my mum’s bank statements in 1989, when I was 8 years old:

OG fans will remember I posted them here already back in 2011 ^^


Yet another exciting February 1st in my life! At least the soundtrack is banging V^(oo)^V

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Inktober 2021

My inktober this year was definitely less quantity, but perhaps more quality?

As usual I switched between several prompt lists. Starting off with #goretober2021 day 1: Bruises (Eva and Ting Yay edition ♥)

#inktoberrussia2021 2. день: По ту сторону реки (On the other side of the river)
This is a remake of a sketch I made in 2016 when my life was pretty shit and I was frustrated that my art reflected that (not surprisingly). Today I kind of wish I would have just gone for it and created lots more of depressing, desolate and brilliant art.

#wartober2021 day 3: “Mask on” (Andrei from my piggy book Sweet Peas)

#inktober2021 day 4: Knot (stomach in knots)
My stomach was indeed in knots on that day about a couple of things (as far as I remember: some bureaucracy shit and a writing project), but eventually I succeeded in everything and all was okay. ^^

#retrotober2021 day 5: Stars (Wilie from Driftwood/Dog Island gazing at the unfamiliar constellations)

#inkhoteeditions 2021 day 6: Chez moi (at home), in a parallel universe where I moved into a two room flat on the 13th floor. I could have done just that, but it wouldn’t have been ideal for my doggie. Instead I got another very nice flat that is very much ideal for my doggie. ♥

Then a skip ahead to the 10th, which was my princess Mitsu’s 27th birthday. She was such a tiny baby and I always tend to chibify my drawings of her if I don’t watch out.
Several prompts were suitable for celebrating Mitsu’s memory:
#majasbokdraw2021 day 10: My dream pet
#blacktober_zetta day 10: Mythical Beast
#inkhoteeditions day 10: Anniversaire
… maybe also #gristober2021 day 10: Resurrect? …

It’s a fun challenge to associate freely with the prompts. I can keep up with it best if I can maintain a fixed inktober routine, but anything upsetting the routine and pulling me out of the mindset (like a comics festival early on right in the middle of it, as happened this year) can be disastrous. ^^;


The first chapter of Dog Island is done, and collected in a beautiful printed zine!

I had a six years long hiatus in the middle of drawing it, but returned to it last year thanks to corona and the overwhelming feeling that nothing matters anymore, so I might as well do whatever the hell I want to do.

You can get a copy here in my gumroad store.


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