Sewing project: Shoulder bag with piggy details

Last year when I was in Bulgaria, my old camera bag finally fell completely apart (luckily it happened on the final train trip from Varna back to Sofia). Since then I’ve been meaning to make another one, and why not a bag that can also be used as a smallish shoulder bag, as I didn’t have one and often found myself in need of one.

Yesterday I finally finished the project!

For the interior and main zipper I actually recycled the intestines of another shoulder bag (which had the wrong colour and shape for my purposes). So it has a wallet pocket and a phone pocket inside. Inside the bag I added my own label, and supplemented the recycled lining with some non-dusting/non-fuzzing fabric, and for accents on the outside I used an amazing Japanese piggy fabric, with the three little piggies and the little naughty wolf. V^(oo)^V

The bag is lined with fleece to protect the camera, and the top cover has waterproof lining. The shoulder strap goes all the way around the bottom of the bag.

This project involved a lot of thick piles of fabric that had to be sewn together, but my trusty Soviet sewing machine soldiered through most of it without complaint. I only growled and swore in many different languages during the tricky part where the outside, the lining and the main zipper all had to be sewn together.

A SmarmyClothes dress in fabric designed by me

SmarmyClothes is a one-woman operation of unique, hand made clothes. I randomly came across this dress on their Tumblr, browsing Tumblr for the tag “boar” (as I so often do) … V^(oo)^V

It’s really nice and inspiring/frustrating to see my fabric put into action like this. Why haven’t I myself made any clothes and other things with my fabrics?!

New fabric design: МОЛОКО

A fabric with those classic Soviet sweetened condensed milk cans. It’s the best thing to eat with pancakes.

Condensed milk can fabric

This is the first Spoonflower fabric I have made that has really good blue colours.

Here you can order it on Spoonflower – the colours don’t look so good on their site, but they print pretty much like in the photo above (depending on screen calibration). Order a test swatch first if you want to be sure.

Here is the original can on which I based the design (the light blue is a bit off in this photo):

It’s a bit rusty because it has been standing for many years in my bathroom, holding q-tips.

By the way, this classic 1960’s Soviet design is not copyright or trademark protected, and is freely replicated by hundreds of companies in many different countries that make this type of condensed milk. Basically it wouldn’t be condensed milk if the can didn’t have this design. :o)

Torrent de Bites reports from Prague, wearing my kilts!

DJ Schnautzi and his matching sneakers, backstage.

VJ Decrepticon and his Swedish-themed T-shirt.

Some of the nicest street art ever!

Photos by Ilan, André and Ilan.

TungusTkan’ presents: Torrent de Bites kilts!

Ilan is part of Torrent de Bites (VJ Decrepticon and DJ Schnautzi). Here is their demo … (I had my part in designing the nice logo.)

Torrent de Bites: Demo from ilan katin on Vimeo.

They started out as a completely improvised last-minute arrangement due to a lineup change during the Mapping festival in Geneva 2009, but everyone was so excited about it that they in fact didn’t split up immediately afterwards. Now they have a gig coming up at Lunchmeat in Prague, and they need nice new outfits. So I made them pretty kilts in silk brocade. The fabric is lighter than normal kilt fabric, so they are quite bouncy! Can’t wait to see the footage of their performance …


The kilts close with velcro and a safety pin, and they also have belt loops, mostly so you can hang them up for storage to avoid damaging the pleats, but of course also for a belt or sash if the gentlemen should like that.

And of course they have the TungusTkan’ label:


Working with my lovely PMZ sewing machine (photos by Ilan):



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