This morning I had a dream that somebody had broken into my trailer.

They had taken two sheep from the neighbour, cut them up and left the body parts all over the place. There was blood everywhere, on the furniture, the floors, the walls, my drawings. Some of the flesh, bones and guts was hanging in bloody sacks from the roof, and the skins – one on the table, one on the floor – had been shoddily tanned. There were some notes about tanning skin, written in a somehow disturbing and manic handwriting.

I discovered that a frightened Golden Retriever had been locked inside my greenhouse, and a Bernese Mountain Dog was running around, worried. The Bernese dog spoke a little bit of human language(!), and I was able to get some information about the intruder from him. I asked if it was a man or a woman, and the doggie answered, “woman”. For some reason I said, “Well, that’s not so bad, then?”, and the doggie gave me a meaningful look that made me very scared.

It would get dark soon, and I hurried to take photos as evidence of what had happened. I did not want to be there at night. Somehow I had the feeling that the intruder was watching me, and that the doggies weren’t really on my side. But I only had my old digital camera, and as always it was struggling to focus in low light conditions, and also its battery was running out …

* * *

Then I woke up. And I can’t go out to my trailer this weekend either, so it will be a while before I know whether somebody really has been murdering sheep there or not. :o(


A little two page comic about Russian names, with Eva and Aeron from Driftwood …

Click to go read!

* * *

30 down, 57 to go. V`(oo)´V

* * *

Last night I had a dream that Ainur and I were at some kind of citadel or castle during some war. The citadel came under attack, and the two of us decided to flee. Outside the walls there was a little pen with four pigs and some piglets, who we had been taking care of. Of course we couldn’t leave the piggies behind! One of the piggies, whose name was Severiina, was lame in her hind legs, so we hoisted her on a little cart. The other ones we put on leashes hastily made with strings, and then we ran off into the forests with the piggies …

When I woke up I was distressed that we didn’t put enough straw in Severiina’s cart so she would be comfortable on the long, bumpy ride. ;_;


Last night I was reading Lina Neidestam’s blog, which is always really inspiring. Not only do I like her work, but I also have a bit of a deficit in ambition, so I guess I can use getting a little push sometimes from looking at stuff made by people who are younger than I and seem to be much more hard working than I am …

So, last night I had a dream that I found an old sketchbook of mine, and inside it was an old comic that I had completely forgotten that I had ever drawn. It was some kind of magical realist story about a young girl with supernatural abilities. I had made it in a mix of many different techniques: watercolours, crayons, even collages with found objects! It was really good, and I thought to myself, “Oh wow, I can’t wait to scan this and post it on the Internet!”

But then the dream changed, and I found myself drawing Aeron‘s face. Then there was some other stuff, but that wasn’t related to drawing.

When I woke up I realised that all my old sketchbooks only contain crappily drawn comics from my high school years, and my brain screamed at me: “YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. WHAT IF YOU DIE BEFORE YOU HAVE DRAWN ANY MORE COMICS????!!!!!!!!!”

So I felt a bit anxious, and sat down and sketched the next page of Driftwood. While I was working on it I kept getting new ideas for the story. I hope to ink it tomorrow.