I was born in April 1981 and I kicked ass as soon as I got into the world (my mother’s ass).

I’m 1/4 Tatar, 1/8 Romani and the rest Finnish, born in the small industrial town Gislaved, Småland, and raised in Sweden, Germany and Finland. After living in Berlin for longer than anywhere else in the world, I ditched the big city for a small town in Saxony. I share my home with a beautiful fluffmonster American Akita doggie.

I’ve self-published comics zines since the dawn of the 21st century, with anarchist-communist adventure stories, feminist action thrillers and melancholy piggy comics. I’ve had a few books published in Swedish and English, such as Sockerärter (Ordbilder Media 2016), Eva ♥ Asbesthjärtan (Epix 2009) and Drivgods (Epix 2012), and my comics have been published in anthologies like C’est Bon, Serier mot rasism and Swedish Comic Sin.

As a comic artist I’m self-taught. My dayjob is freelance graphic design and production and comics lettering (digital, custom fonts and hand lettering).

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P.S. I am also very pleased to announce to the Wikipedia crew and in general that I have no contact with either of my parents, as they don’t deserve to be part of my life. (My dad since I was 18, though he was absent most of my life anyway, and my mom since several years now too, finally, as was foreshadowed in my diary comic Christmas in Friedrichshain ^^)