Leipzig book fair report / piggy sketch dump

(Not ‘Lepizig’ as I mistyped it at first … not even ‘Lezipig’, although that’s pretty much what I am these days.)

So, this year I had a table in the “artist alley” (MCC-Kreativ) at the Manga-Comic-Convention at the Leipzig book fair. I’d been there once before, way back in 2007, which was a rather disappointing experience, but this year they had allocated a much bigger and more open space for the self-publishers, so I decided to give it another go.

The fair was four days, Thursday to Sunday. Thursday was dead, Friday slightly better, and Saturday and Sunday were pretty good.

For extra awesomepants table decoration purposes I made two big Driftwood posters (with the cover images of Driftwood and Flotsam and Jetsam), and also refurbished a Playmobil ship to look a bit like the Eagle Ray. (You can see Shannon and Samona on board, while Aeron is not visible from this angle: he’s at the wheel and can’t see anything behind the main sail. For the other characters I didn’t really have any Playmobil people that were suitable enough …)

One funny thing about German vs. Nordic comics festival buying culture is that in the North (SPX Stockholm and Helsinki comics festival), the items I place on the corners of the table get most browsing/sales, while I discovered that in Germany (now in Leipzig, anyway) it’s the items in the middle of the table. Above is my initial setup, but after I rearranged my books and put Driftwood and Flotsam and Jetsam in the middle, I sold many more of them.

Also, Germans generally want more of a sales pitch, which is too bad for me. Heh.

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Ballpoint pen/watercolour piggies

I’ll write more about the festival soon, but the most important things first! To pass the time at the Leipzig book fair, I sketched a bunch of piggies:

White piggy of the woods

At first I only happened to have blue and green colours with me, so the palette was limited. I actually just wanted to bring the grey colour since I imagined that maybe I could work on The Slow and the Relentless while I was there. But of course it wasn’t really possible to alternate between drawing in concentration and interacting with people, so I just painted piggies instead.

Sunbathing piggy

Territorial piggy

East German piggy dreaming of Sweden (inspired by someone I met there)

Piggy living a life of privilege (piggilege)

Vegetable gardener piggy

An old friend as a piggy


Kind of self-portrait

Inspired by Beatrix Potter’s Pig-Wig, who I know best from the ballet (which makes me cry)

Later somebody asked me to draw this same piggy picture in her sketchbook. It’s apparently a thing that people pay artists to draw stuff in their sketchbooks at “manga” conventions in Germany. I was extremely confused when the first person who asked me to draw something actually offered money for it. I didn’t know what to ask, but he gave me 5€, so that’s what I charged everybody else who asked.

Private eye piggy

Piggy receiving a love letter

Piggies in Varna, Bulgaria, enjoying the view from the foot of the Soviet-Bulgarian friendship monument

I drew a tiny sketchier version of this on a calling card and it made me cry, so I had to draw a bigger version for myself, so I could cry even more.

Leipziger Buchmesse this week!

From tomorrow until Sunday I’ll be at the Manga-Comic-Convention at the Leipzig book fair and sell my books and zines.

I’ll of course have Driftwood, and also Swedish Comic Sin books as well as zines in German and English.

I made a new German edition of all the Eva stories in their own zines:

Previously the first four stories were in one fat zine, but it’s sold out. Now I discovered that at some point I had translated also the  more recent stories into German, so I made new German zines with those. And I updated all the translations, since apparently my German has improved a bit in these seven years since I moved here again.

I have some fun ideas for table decoration, so I hope to make some decent photos … V^(oo)^V

Last time I was in Leipzig was  in 2007  for one day, at the claustrophobic manga zine area they had back then. Now the doujinshi area is much larger, more open, and also next to the catering, which is always a plus.
The convention is four full days. I guess some people are staying in Leipzig over the duration of the fair, but the commute from Berlin is just 1,5 hours, which is totally normal commute time for me anyway, so I just got a weekly train ticket and will get to ride awesome ICE fast trains every day.