Miriam Katin font

I will soon start lettering the Swedish edition of We Are On Our Own by Miriam Katin for the publisher Epix. It is the story of a little Jewish girl and her incredibly brave and smart mother, who go underground in Hungary during the Second World War, based on the author’s own childhood experiences.

I’ve made a custom digital font for the book. The original is lettered by hand with a graphite pencil. In order to make a digital font look like graphite, I made gigantic 2400 dpi scans of the text from the original pages, so I could create bitmap images of the individual letters with lots of fine detail. Then, when I lettered, I set the opacity at 50%.

The end result looks surprisingly much like graphite pencil lettering. :o/ Click the image below to see a sample (in English, because  the Swedish translation wasn’t ready yet at that point).

© Miriam Katin

Buy the English language book here.

Blutch font

I lettered Blotch by Blutch for avant-verlag a while ago. The book, about a bunch of insanely petty and arrogant cartoonists at a fictional Parisian humour magazine in the 1930’s, is really funny and wonderfully drawn, and the German translation is very good, so it was a joy to work with this project.

I learned some new French phrases from this book. My favourite is “Tu vas voir mon cochon!”, “You will see my pig!”, which means something like “I’ll show you!”

Blutch has a very lively handwriting, so it took some effort to not entirely lose that in the digital font. Click the image below to see a sample of it:

© Blutch/Audie — Fluide Glacial and avant-verlag

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