In the weekend I was at Comicinvasion Berlin, yay!

It was a bit of a disaster, because my brand spanking new zines that I had planned to have at the festival were stuck in the parcel center with a “sorting error” for almost a week (today it finally says the delivery is underway ;___;).

So I only had old stuff, but there were enough people who didn’t know it or didn’t have all of my books yet so it was okay I guess.

Of course there were so many other amazing comics at the festival, and my best new discoveries were Grey Area: From the City to the Sea by Tim Bird, a quietly poetic comic where the artist travels from London to the North Sea and reflects on the landscapes, and Drawing the XXth Century by Lithuanian and Belarusian artists Lina Itagaki, Miglė Pužaitė, Viktorija Ežiukas and Viktoryia Andrukovič, with stories told by the artists’ parents and grandparents and documented as comics. To my shame I couldn’t buy a copy of the latter, because the story The White Pig by Lina Itagaki was so sad that I would just have cried every time I glanced at the book. V;(oo);V

Somehow I didn’t take photos of anything, except …

1. This absolutely deliriously hypnotic doggie, who was tabling with the art suppliers Malstoff, and got lots and lots of cuddles from everyone, very much including myself:

2. My calling cards that I painted by hand on the spot (maybe I should print proper ones):

(Oops, forgot to colour one)

The next festival I’m going to is Stockholm International Comics Festival! The main event is May 20th-21st, and I will be part of an amazing group exhibition that opens on May 19th and finishes on the 25th!


Photo by Lilli Loge – On Sunday, Lenara and Ilan brought me falafel, and even cake, even though they did not know it was my birthday! To the right are my friendly table neighbours Katja (reading one of my Eva zines) and Matthias.


My piggy postcards were a big hit as always. A French couple exclaimed “C’est magnifique!” at each piggy postcard and bought all seven. A group of Chinese girls were likewise amazed by them and two of them also took advantage of the piggy postcard value pack (1 for 50 cents, all 7 for only 3 €). Yeaahh …

I sketched a few piggies over the weekend, though my table was too small to colour them with watercolours.


I even sold a few Driftwood books, after I remembered that in Germany you need to put the things you want to get sold in the middle of the table, not in the corners like in Sweden.

Somebody asked me to “like” and “share” some post on facebook. He was kind of hot so I agreed. Sadly I never found that post. He bought a zine from me and took a photo of me, so he should be able to find me easily … If you are that kind of hot guy, please send me the link to that facebook post and I will be most pleased to do things to it. V^(oo)^V

I sold no more than three copies of my brand new awful poetry collection Hunger Will Drive the Piggy Home. Two to friends/colleagues, and one to a person who just bought all the zines that had covers she liked. I am now confident that this is the right outlet for my creativity.

P.S. Already next week, there is Stockholm International Comics Festival! Phew! V`(oo)´;V

Hunger Will Drive the Piggy Home

Since I only ever get shit for drawing comics, I will from now on express myself exclusively in awfully bad poetry, illustrated with piggy pictures. It will be so pathetic that nobody will ever want to plagiarise it, abuse it in their blackmailing schemes or make fat profits off it while paying me nothing but small change for my hard work. V^(oo)^V

My first work in the genre is this little zine, which collects eight poems, most of which I wrote around the turn of the century. The illustrations, on the other hand, are almost all brand new – I made most of them this early afternoon.

For those who read my comics back in the day when I still drew them, there’s a drawing with Aeron and Willie as piggies (because that poem is really about them, but I didn’t want to break the piggy theme …).

You can get it from my table at COMICINVASIONBERLIN this weekend! See you at Urban Spree, Revaler Str., 12:00-20:00 April 18th and 19th.


In the previous years the local comics convention COMIC INVASION BERLIN has always happened on the same weekend as SPX/SIS Stockholm, but not so this year! So I will have a table at the comics market and sell all my German and English zines and books.

I also printed a couple of new zines:

New English language zines! Come get them at #comicinvasionberlin tomorrow!

* She’s a Killing Machine records a normal date with Eva. It was my first 24h comic, and another step in my endeavour to make all the Eva comics available in English.

* Driftwood chapter 7 and 8 are special zines with these two chapters. Later this year I’m going to do a pre-order/crowdfunding campaign for the English edition of the big Driftwood book and also a book collecting short stories and extra material. But since it’s a bit frustrating to sit around for months on all this unpublished material until all the practical details are worked out, I made zines with these two chapters in the meantime!

I will share my table with special secret guest Ilan Katin and his two little strange zines. Looking forward to Sunday, 12:00-20:00 at Urban Spree (Revaler Str. 99)!