Trip to Leipzig

MZIN bookstore/gallery

So we took the train to Leipzig yesterday to go see The Last Match at last. But the bookstore/gallery MZIN had closed early, maybe because the attendants wanted to see the football game. :o( Probably they don’t get a lot of visitors anyway.

The Last Match exhibition

All the little drawings!

Our plan B was to explore an abandoned printing house in central Leipzig. Doing it during the Germany vs. Argentina game was really perfect timing …

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The Last Match comes to Leipzig!

The exhibition of tiny little matchbox-size drawings by so far about 200 comic artists from 41 countries is touring through “L” cities this year. It was previously shown in Lisbon and Linz, and now it’s Leipzig’s turn! It will be shown at the MZIN bookstore and gallery from June 11th to July 11th.

Even though this is quite close to my place of residence, I can’t make it to the opening (I already committed to boyfriend support), but I hope I/we can go see the exhibition at some later point. Leipzig is also a very nice city overall.


You can see photos of the exhibition and all the individual artworks in the exhibition’s Flickr photostream.

As it turns out, Ilan and I are, after all, not the only ones who have made “real comics” – Reinis Pētersons and João Chambel did too! Yay!

Some random favourites: Kerascoët, Roberta Gregory, Amanda Vähämäki, Sergio Ponchione, Rokudai Tanaka, Peggy Adam, Olegti, Kai Pfeiffer … Actually, almost all of them are really great.


Suicidal Babes and Smokers

My contribution to The Last Match exhibition in Riga …
I did some minor last minute edits to it, like adding a frame around the last caption, before sending it off.

Apparently the comics by me and Ilan are the only “real” comics (i.e. with more than one panel) among all the contributions. Hard to believe with all these participants … But it’s a really tiny surface (the size of a matchbox) and it was quite difficult to work on. In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing all the other contributions!