Den svenska barnpornografilagen och vad seriefigurer tycker om den

Klicka här för att läsa vidare / se barnporr som jag har ritat. (Ja, varsågod och polisanmäl mig!)

!!!OBS! Varning för massiva spoilers om man följer min serie Drivgods…!!!


(The Swedish child pornography law and what comics characters think about it

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!!! Warning! Massive spoiler warnings for those who are following my comic Driftwood!!!)

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International Women’s Day history lesson with Driftwood

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Yesterday was the last day Ilan was home before leaving once again, so we celebrated IWD the Russian way: he took me out to eat. (Borsch and bliny at Gorky Park, mmmm …)

This morning I went to visit the Clara Zetkin memorial in Ahrensfelde, a tower block suburb of Berlin.

Clara Zetkin memorial in Ahrensfelde

There were some scattered roses at her feet.

Icy pond and flats

It freaked me out a bit that I only saw Germans in Ahrensfelde (though I’m hoping that some of them were at least non-German Northern Europeans).

Pipes towards the morning sun

* * *

20 down, 67 to go. V`(oo)´V


Suicidal Babes and Smokers

My contribution to The Last Match exhibition in Riga …
I did some minor last minute edits to it, like adding a frame around the last caption, before sending it off.

Apparently the comics by me and Ilan are the only “real” comics (i.e. with more than one panel) among all the contributions. Hard to believe with all these participants … But it’s a really tiny surface (the size of a matchbox) and it was quite difficult to work on. In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing all the other contributions!