TungusFonts by Tinet Elmgren

I’ve been in the literal cutthroat business of comic book lettering since over 15 years. I build custom fonts for comics lettering, based on specific handwritings. Some examples are Peggy Adam, Miriam Katin, Blutch, Mikael Ross, Simon Hanselmann, Liv Strömqvist, David B., and many others.

For most of my “Artist Handwriting Fonts”, if no other agreement has been made, the following licence agreement applies:

End User License Agreement
for TungusFonts by Tinet Elmgren********************************************Font Software – Artist Handwriting Fonts********************************************


This TungusFonts by Tinet Elmgren End User License Agreement accompanies this font product and related materials (“Font”). The term “Font” also shall include any upgrades, modified versions or updates of the Font. Please read this Agreement carefully.

Upon your acceptance of this Agreement, Tinet Elmgren grants to you a license to use the Font, provided that you agree to the following:

1. This Font is to be used primarily in the works of the Artist whose hand lettering it imitates.
Publishing companies, and people working for them, that have licenced the Artist’s works may share this Font free of cost with other publishing companies, and people working for them, that have licenced the Artist’s works.
The Font may be shared free of cost, but is not to be considered Freeware, Shareware or Public Domain.
Under the above conditions, this Font may be used for unlimited time and in unlimited copies.

2. This document must be included, and supplied, with the Font. Removal of this document, or text file, breaches any license agreement.

3. The sale of this Font will incur a fee or payment of 100% of the selling price to Tinet Elmgren. If permission is not sought, a fee will be requested. Permission must be sought BEFORE sale of the Font can proceed.

4. Copyright. This Font is owned by Tinet Elmgren, and its structure, organisation and code are valuable assets of Tinet Elmgren. This Agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights in the Font.

5. You may modify this Font for any reason, such as functionality or aesthetics, but the copyright remains with Tinet Elmgren.

6. No Warranty. This Font is delivered to you AS IS and Tinet Elmgren makes no warranty as to its use or performance.

Permission of use, and enquiries regarding payment can be made by contacting Tinet Elmgren by email at the following address:

Voluntary payments or donations can be made to Tinet Elmgren via:

Information within this End Users Agreement may change without notice.
If unsure of your rights in regard to the Font, please contact Tinet Elmgren or ensure you have the latest version of the EULA.

This version dated June 2020.