A frog, some news and a recipe

Little frog basking in the sun
Last year the frogs and toads never went to this smaller pond near the greenhouse, and the people I’m renting this place from said they never had gone there before.
But this year, for some reason, the frogs and toads have all decided to hang out there, too!

My herb garden got some additions: rosemary, mint and chives in the smaller pots. The two former were on a special offer at one of the supermarket chains, and I’m too impatient to wait until the chives I sowed will finally grow big enough to eat …

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Spanish slugs sure aren’t vegans

Better than potato leaves: kitty food!

So, in the last post I was contemplating my slimy little neighbours. I’d been trying to give them salad and pears, but they mostly didn’t give a crap and kept chomping away at my potato plants.
Now mum gave me the expert tip to give them dry cat food.

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Gardening in June

I got a bit of a late start this season, because I was flooded with work all of March through May. But my garden has already made a little progress …

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Renovation frustration

Stuck here. I’ve stripped the wall of the old panelling, fixed the insulation and replaced some rotten wood from the inner wall. But I can’t continue from there until my drill arrives, because the wall is in such bad shape that I need to use massive screws that go all the way through the inside panelling. I also can’t continue if it rains, which is what will be happening all next week if the weather report is correct. Nooooo …

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I grew some potatoes on my windowsill this fall.

Oh my goodness, what is that?

From this ^ (July 19th) …

Windowsill potatoes, day 52.

… over this (September 3rd) …

Windowsill potatoes, day 106!

… to this (October 28th). At 106 days, they weren’t really ready to harvest yet. You should wait until the plants have died down completely, about 100-120 days.
But I couldn’t water them for the next month, since we’re going to New York, so we might just as well eat them now. :3

Windowsill potato harvest

Still, we got a few nice medium-sized ones, and a lot of tiny little ones. :o)

In more comics-related news, the last weekend I feverishly drew some kind of autobiographical activist comic about racism. However, it was closely related to me having PMS, and now that my PMS is over I haven’t dared look at that comic again, since it’s probably really bad and embarrassing. :o(
I really wanted to draw Driftwood, but I only managed about half a page. The only thing I could draw without having anger outbreaks every ten minutes and having to punch the wall to abreact my frustration was this stupid activist comic.

Luckily Ilan was not at home most of the weekend. Poor Ilan who has to live with me. I did warn him about my PMS of Fury. :3