Yet another exciting February 1st in my life! At least the soundtrack is banging V^(oo)^V

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Yet another uneventful February 1st for me, and on top of that I was feeling really tired and unmotivated … Maybe next year I should plan something special for Hourly Comic Day. :3

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Comics production of 2018-2021

I was just scouring the internet for embarrassing old content of mine that I might want to delete, when I found a post that explained why I started keeping track of how many comics pages and panels I’ve drawn in my life. I’d forgotten all about the reason along the way, but it was actually inspired by SPQR Blues artist Klio, who set a goal to basically learn drawing properly by finishing 10,000 drawings (where “drawings” equal comic panels).

So now I have to update my progress!

(As usual I’m generously classifying anything with more than one panel or both a drawing and text as a “comic”, unless it’s really just a tiny sketch … too late to change that now or I’d have to adjust the total numbers since the beginning! And it kind of works anyway.)

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since January 26th 2018:

Hourly Comics Day 2018, 8/15
– Bilderberg “Tin///tina and the Omega Art” page, 1/11
(See below – apparently I never posted it anywhere before, probably due to the Bilderberg collective’s fears of copyright claims from the estate)
Hourly Comics Day 2019, 7/17
Bilderberg “Hanswurst” page, 1/5
Inktober 2019: Bait, 1/1
Hourly Comics Day 2020, 9/15
Dog Island chapter 1, pages 20-29, and chapter 2, pages 0-5, 16/86
(Back from a 6 year hiatus, thanks to corona and the meaninglessness of life, when I figured I could do whatever I want. Unfortunately that attitude was bad for discipline so I didn’t get all that far yet.)
Inktober 2020 day 4, 1/1
Shila’s haiku, 1/1
Hourly Comics Day 2021, 16/30
Frog and Toad have a sleepover, 9/9
Inktober 2021 day 4 and 6, 2/3
ENQILOB, 14/40
Bloodletting page 1-7, 7/42
No More Coffee Woman, 1/3
How I Make Comics, 1/2
I don’t want to be grown up, 1/1
Draft of page 1-2 for a so far nameless comic project, 2/1
(That double page spread sucked so bad that I didn’t continue it or even redraw it … yet. I really like the script though so I want to draw this comic at some point.)


98 pages, 283 panels

(All-time total: 1248/5375)

This was really not a lot for FOUR YEARS … but it was something, a lot more than nothing ^^ And in the last year or so I drew more than in the three years before.

I actually didn’t find any unpublished comics in my sketchbooks, at least the ones that are not in my garden. Maybe because I’ve been posting that kind of stuff on instagram right away (and I also didn’t draw terribly much T^T).

I’m still barely halfway towards 10,000 panels! Frustrating …

* * *

Tin///tina and the Omega Art page 10 – click to read:
It’s a gender swapped and awesome interpretation of the last, unfinished book. A different artist drew each page and this was my contribution. The gender swapped character design of the twins was for the most part by me :3

Bilderberg Konferenz 7 comic

The “most elitist underground comix festival in Berlin” this year has as its anthology theme “autobiographical Tijuana Bibles”, i.e. true self experienced(?) sexy times(?) stories(?) with characters from well known comics(?) …

The anthology can pretty much only be acquired at the festival, so for those who can’t make it, I will share my contribution here. It’s basically a Frog and Toad fanfic, enjoy I guess, under the cut ^^

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