Report from Tampere Kuplii

First of all, happy Cosmonaut Day!

So, Ainur and mum talked me into going to Finland, and here I am, in the ice and the cold.

This visit happened to coincide with the comics festival Tampere kuplii last weekend. We just showed up on Saturday, and there was an empty table, which they let us book for the rest of the day and Sunday. So we could sell some zines to the unsuspecting Finns.

Lots of fangirls stopped by to point at Falco on the cover of Goldenbird #3-4 and say how cute he was.

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Tinet’s festival schedule spring 2011

April 9th-10th I will be at the little Comics festival Tampere kuplii in Tampere, Finland. It happened to coincide with my mother and sister luring me into Finland again. I won’t be selling or exhibiting or anything, just hanging out. But I will probably whip up some comic books in English or even Finnish (o_O) for the occasion, to barter with or to force upon random Finns. (Hmm …?)
Here’s the facebook event of the festival.

May 7th-8th I will as always be at SPX11 in Stockholm, Sweden! Tunguska #9 will be out in time for that … There are some quick facts about the festival here (only in Swedish so far). They’ve scheduled SPX to coincide with Free Comic Book Day this year, so I suppose I’ll make some little free comic book to give away, too.