Renovation frustration

Stuck here. I’ve stripped the wall of the old panelling, fixed the insulation and replaced some rotten wood from the inner wall. But I can’t continue from there until my drill arrives, because the wall is in such bad shape that I need to use massive screws that go all the way through the inside panelling. I also can’t continue if it rains, which is what will be happening all next week if the weather report is correct. Nooooo …

This is my lovely Slovakian stove. (Thanks to Mr. Anonymous Driver for helping me bring it to its rightful place.) You can cook on it and everything. It’s kind of big for just about 20 m², but then again, the trailer is not so well insulated and the windows don’t shut too tightly. (Actually that’s good for the stove, so it gets fresh air from outside.)

But I can’t install it yet, because its pipes are somewhere in DHL limbo. Sigh.

Anyway, in the meantime I planted some food for the fall season. Left to right: spinach and ruccola, ruccola, spinach and radishes, radishes. With irrigation. There is a lot of space in the greenhouse, whee.

That’s good, because things are looking a bit worse for the outdoor garden. There are really a lot of slugs (now they ate my potatoes), so outdoors I can probably only plant stuff they really don’t like, such as onion and garlic-related plants and various herbs. Maybe if I surround some delicious plants with plants they hate it could also work …

As I was going to the greenhouse to plant that stuff, I saw that across the door this massive spider (pretty much life-size in the photo) had woven its net and was feasting on some prey. It got irritated at my paparazzi action and took its dinner away into a corner, so I could open the door a bit, taking care not to destroy the net completely. The huge amount of spiders in my garden really makes me happy.

Inside the greenhouse there is this cute petroleum heater. I haven’t tried if it works yet.

As I was covering the outer wall with tarp to protect it from the rains, I saw this dead hornet in the window. Next to it is a regular dead worker wasp for size comparison.

Some of the grapes are getting ready, so I could bring home grapes, and also nettles. Mmm … Still waiting for the rosehips and the rest of the grapes.

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3 Responses to “Renovation frustration”
  1. Ainur says:

    That hornet is HUGE 0_0

    Judging by the Jurassic size of those arthropods, you should be able to grow a jungle…

  2. bubu says:

    Mitä oot laittanu ruukkuihin? Valkosipuleitako?

    Onko noi pullot ilman pohjaa ja täynnä vettä?

  3. Tinet says:

    Apua, ei (valkosipulit saa kasvaa maassa kun niitä etanat toivottavasti ei syö). Niissä on pinaattia, ruccola-salaattia ja retiisiä.

    Aivan oikein, pullot on ilman pohjaa ja täynnä vettä. Ne on kiinni pienissä annostelulaitteissa (–920d1a232680.html). Saa nähdä toimiiko ne hyvin …