Spanish slugs sure aren’t vegans

Better than potato leaves: kitty food!

So, in the last post I was contemplating my slimy little neighbours. I’d been trying to give them salad and pears, but they mostly didn’t give a crap and kept chomping away at my potato plants.
Now mum gave me the expert tip to give them dry cat food.

In the supermarket I found beef/chicken/vegetable/vitamins/tooth care kitty food, and that sounded perfect for the little slugs in my garden. Slugs love to eat meat, also each other (not alive, though).

In the afternoon it rained, and early in the evening the slugs were already on a spree in my potato land. Somehow they really love potato leaves. Second best are beans and zucchini. But they leave most of the other plants alone unless they just happen upon them by chance.

I put a piece of kitty food in front of one slug, and it immediately threw itself voraciously over it and started to nibble it. Success!

So, I picked the slugs that were already enjoying the potato plants down on the ground and put a piece of kitty food in front of them. Then I spread kitty food around the whole potato bed, and also in the shrubs nearby, and finally I threw a few handfuls out in the field across the fence.

It was most delightful to watch the slugs eat with such pleasure and joy.

om nom nom

nom nom

om nom nom

om nom nom nom


Who cares about potato leaves when you can get meat and tooth care kitty food?

In the morning the potato plants were pretty much unscathed.

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2 Responses to “Spanish slugs sure aren’t vegans”
  1. Netania says:

    Who would have thought that little slugs eating kitty food could be so adorable?!

  2. Valentin says:

    Yuh, I never thought I’d call the KILLER SLUGS cute, but… 🙂