In the previous years the local comics convention COMIC INVASION BERLIN has always happened on the same weekend as SPX/SIS Stockholm, but not so this year! So I will have a table at the comics market and sell all my German and English zines and books.

I also printed a couple of new zines:

New English language zines! Come get them at #comicinvasionberlin tomorrow!

* She’s a Killing Machine records a normal date with Eva. It was my first 24h comic, and another step in my endeavour to make all the Eva comics available in English.

* Driftwood chapter 7 and 8 are special zines with these two chapters. Later this year I’m going to do a pre-order/crowdfunding campaign for the English edition of the big Driftwood book and also a book collecting short stories and extra material. But since it’s a bit frustrating to sit around for months on all this unpublished material until all the practical details are worked out, I made zines with these two chapters in the meantime!

I will share my table with special secret guest Ilan Katin and his two little strange zines. Looking forward to Sunday, 12:00-20:00 at Urban Spree (Revaler Str. 99)!

P.S. The official Tumblr of the event contends for “The most bizarre blurb about Tinet Elmgren” award, but while it does manage the great feat of pretty much copy-pasting a piece of text but omitting a crucial word, and then totally fails to translate it correctly into German, it’s still not as bizarre as the one from the Gothenburg comics festival 2011:

Corrections: After graduation I felt pressure to get a real job instead of pursuing comics from the start or studying art/comics. So I wasted some time and money at university excelling in academia, and, finally, learning some graphic production skills which now allow me to have dayjobs doing graphic production and lettering for comics publishers.
Those are dayjobs and have nothing to do with my own comics. My own comics are the reason why I am attending this festival.
I guess it’s my own fault for having such an unstructured website and writing such complicated/bad English. V^(oo)^;V

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