Ballpoint pen/watercolour piggies

I’ll write more about the festival soon, but the most important things first! To pass the time at the Leipzig book fair, I sketched a bunch of piggies:

White piggy of the woods

At first I only happened to have blue and green colours with me, so the palette was limited. I actually just wanted to bring the grey colour since I imagined that maybe I could work on The Slow and the Relentless while I was there. But of course it wasn’t really possible to alternate between drawing in concentration and interacting with people, so I just painted piggies instead.

Sunbathing piggy

Territorial piggy

East German piggy dreaming of Sweden (inspired by someone I met there)

Piggy living a life of privilege (piggilege)

Vegetable gardener piggy

An old friend as a piggy


Kind of self-portrait

Inspired by Beatrix Potter’s Pig-Wig, who I know best from the ballet (which makes me cry)

Later somebody asked me to draw this same piggy picture in her sketchbook. It’s apparently a thing that people pay artists to draw stuff in their sketchbooks at “manga” conventions in Germany. I was extremely confused when the first person who asked me to draw something actually offered money for it. I didn’t know what to ask, but he gave me 5€, so that’s what I charged everybody else who asked.

Private eye piggy

Piggy receiving a love letter

Piggies in Varna, Bulgaria, enjoying the view from the foot of the Soviet-Bulgarian friendship monument

I drew a tiny sketchier version of this on a calling card and it made me cry, so I had to draw a bigger version for myself, so I could cry even more.

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