Last night I was reading Lina Neidestam’s blog, which is always really inspiring. Not only do I like her work, but I also have a bit of a deficit in ambition, so I guess I can use getting a little push sometimes from looking at stuff made by people who are younger than I and seem to be much more hard working than I am …

So, last night I had a dream that I found an old sketchbook of mine, and inside it was an old comic that I had completely forgotten that I had ever drawn. It was some kind of magical realist story about a young girl with supernatural abilities. I had made it in a mix of many different techniques: watercolours, crayons, even collages with found objects! It was really good, and I thought to myself, “Oh wow, I can’t wait to scan this and post it on the Internet!”

But then the dream changed, and I found myself drawing Aeron‘s face. Then there was some other stuff, but that wasn’t related to drawing.

When I woke up I realised that all my old sketchbooks only contain crappily drawn comics from my high school years, and my brain screamed at me: “YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. WHAT IF YOU DIE BEFORE YOU HAVE DRAWN ANY MORE COMICS????!!!!!!!!!”

So I felt a bit anxious, and sat down and sketched the next page of Driftwood. While I was working on it I kept getting new ideas for the story. I hope to ink it tomorrow.

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