A little two page comic about Russian names, with Eva and Aeron from Driftwood …

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30 down, 57 to go. V`(oo)´V

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Last night I had a dream that Ainur and I were at some kind of citadel or castle during some war. The citadel came under attack, and the two of us decided to flee. Outside the walls there was a little pen with four pigs and some piglets, who we had been taking care of. Of course we couldn’t leave the piggies behind! One of the piggies, whose name was Severiina, was lame in her hind legs, so we hoisted her on a little cart. The other ones we put on leashes hastily made with strings, and then we ran off into the forests with the piggies …

When I woke up I was distressed that we didn’t put enough straw in Severiina’s cart so she would be comfortable on the long, bumpy ride. ;_;

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