Tinet’s event schedule – winter 2011

12th-13th of November: 24h Comics Marathon Berlin
In a haze of coffee and club mate, we’ll draw our asses off at lashopp in Friedrichshain, from noon to noon!

24th-26th of November: Gothenburg Comics Festival
I will partake in this festival in my favourite part of my favourite Swedish city with a small exhibition, featuring part of the final chapter of Driftwood. That comic is quite significantly influenced by the period when I lived in Hjällbo and went to high school in the same building complex where the festival is held. I’ll also sell some books and zines to the unsuspecting audience.

Late December: Still nameless “dinner performance” at Figo, Berlin
The Elmgren family will unite, with technical and emotional support by Ilan Katin, in a performance that speaks to all the five human senses. (And maybe also the 6th sense!?) We will serve a three course dinner of traditional food from three ethnic minorities of Finland, accompanied by an audiovisual performance in three chapters. Our arts, textile and book binding crafts and comics will be exhibited and for sale. More details to follow!