Turret and Snout photoreport

Last night we did the magical Tagtool session at the Freie Internationale Tankstelle, right next door from us. We had been passing by the place every day for years, curiously checking out what was going on there and trying to think of something nice we could do there. Then Ilan got the idea of doing a Tagtool collaboration, where I would draw images and Ilan would move them around. We had only collaborated on something once before, and since a bit of drama and conflict and schlepping around huge projectors is always good for maintaining a healthy relationship, I said why not.
So after living here for four and two years respectively, we finally said hello to Dida who uses the old little gas station as a studio and art space, and he thought our idea sounded fun.

We actually don’t have any documentation of the main show, where we told the story about the wee wild piggy who finds a tank in the forest, set to the tone of all the songs I could find about pigs and/or tanks that I liked.

We do have some photos from the second show we did, though, which was entirely improvised, and even more fun, anyway.

The following photos were graciously made by the very sweet Hermano Silva:

Ilan suggested I draw “Pig Island”, as described in the song by Sandra Boynton, performed by Scott Bakula(!) – my new favourite song ever …

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A wee wild piggy stumbles upon a strange object in the forest. Find out what happens next!

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Ilan requested an 8-bit piggie for some project. He might animate it, maybe make the cheek blush patterns alternate and the eyebrows and snout move.

Actually he will use it as one of many visuals on Friday night at Tresor during the Visual Berlin Festival, doing visuals for Stu. As Ilan was preparing for this gig and listening to Stu’s music, he thought one of the songs definitely had piggy noises in it …

Torrent de Bites reports from Prague, wearing my kilts!

DJ Schnautzi and his matching sneakers, backstage.

VJ Decrepticon and his Swedish-themed T-shirt.

Some of the nicest street art ever!

Photos by Ilan, André and Ilan.

TungusTkan’ presents: Torrent de Bites kilts!

Ilan is part of Torrent de Bites (VJ Decrepticon and DJ Schnautzi). Here is their demo … (I had my part in designing the nice logo.)

Torrent de Bites: Demo from ilan katin on Vimeo.

They started out as a completely improvised last-minute arrangement due to a lineup change during the Mapping festival in Geneva 2009, but everyone was so excited about it that they in fact didn’t split up immediately afterwards. Now they have a gig coming up at Lunchmeat in Prague, and they need nice new outfits. So I made them pretty kilts in silk brocade. The fabric is lighter than normal kilt fabric, so they are quite bouncy! Can’t wait to see the footage of their performance …


The kilts close with velcro and a safety pin, and they also have belt loops, mostly so you can hang them up for storage to avoid damaging the pleats, but of course also for a belt or sash if the gentlemen should like that.

And of course they have the TungusTkan’ label:


Working with my lovely PMZ sewing machine (photos by Ilan):



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