Torrent de Bites reports from Prague, wearing my kilts!

DJ Schnautzi and his matching sneakers, backstage.

VJ Decrepticon and his Swedish-themed T-shirt.

Some of the nicest street art ever!

Photos by Ilan, André and Ilan.

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4 Responses to “Torrent de Bites reports from Prague, wearing my kilts!”
  1. Netania says:

    Oh my G-d, they’re beautiful!!!

  2. Tinet says:

    Yay, thanks!

  3. ilan says:

    Not many people knew, but both Andre and I agreed to take our underwear off for the actual performance. Andre noted how liberating it was to perform like this.

    Unlike Geneva where we had a good solid crowd of drunk people in ‘full on’ mode, our Prague experience was a handful of admirers and supporters. Raul of ENTTER said ‘that was the best fucking ting I seen at diis whole entire festival, man… everyting else sucks.’ I don’t totally agree, but it was definitely appreciated.

  4. Tinet says:

    Liberating, indeed … :o)
    Will you ever do some more shows? With the kilts? Maybe in Berlin?