Recently I finished this sketchbook, with its slightly questionable cover:

Here are some previously unpublished sketches from that book! V^(oo)^V

Autumn 2013? Mr. S as a piggy, and me as myself.

Last winter I was totally depressed, a combination of seasonal depression and all kinds of different bad shit in my life culminating around that time. This was just one of the sillier aspects of it …
The piggy is singing How to Fight Loneliness by Wilco. V^(oo)^;V

Various Dog Island related sketches :3

(The date is wrong – this was actually February 21st …)
Mr. S supported me during my depression but probably also caused some of it … ;_;
Then he fucked off to Peru and first I was really sad, then I started to feel much better, because of many different things but also that.


Deciding what Eva and Nicole were going to wear in China White.

With comrade X and comrade S, as piggies. There are several inside jokes here that partly got lost in the censorship, so it’s probably not that funny … V^(oo)^;V

Sketch for a tattoo, but I can’t tattoo stuff in my skin that I’ve drawn myself.

More cuddling between Willie and Aeron … I’m so cruel for keeping them apart for so long, now with the comic taking a break too. ;___;

(Also from Dog Island🙂 I had this idea that Eva’s daughter Yuliya would grow up to look like her father (and aunt – and who might that be …?), and be all angry about it, thinking that she’s fat but doesn’t even get to have huge boobs like her mum. And then through some exciting adventure she’ll come to terms with it. Or something …

The piggy at the top was based on a disturbing nightmare I had: I climbed up on a rooftop and looked across the city, feeling happy and free. Then the next day my mum tried to commit suicide by jumping down from that same rooftop, and got so angry for not having died that she tried to kill me and my sister when we wanted to get her to the hospital …

Andrei Lesnikov, Organizational Secretary of the Tchushkino commune.

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