Comics production of 2013 assessed

Every year on December 9th I tally how much comics I have drawn in the past year (because I’m crazy that way). In 2013 I felt like I drew very little comics. Was my impression correct?

I only count finished pages, so while I have several pages that are only sketched at this stage and will be inked or watercoloured later, I won’t include them. I’ve included one-panel gag drawings before, so I guess I’ll include them now, too.

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 9th 2012:

Dog Island pages 13-18: 6/31
Hourly Comics Day comic: 16/45
Springtime on the Subway: 1/1
SHu SHu SHu SHu: 1/1
Electric Tsunamis: 47/139 (Based on the printed zine edition. I could be evil and count each screen of the e-book version, including all the screens with just one word on them, haha, which would make it 213/213 …)
How to make sawing wood a more appealing chore: 1/1
Last night at Netto: 1/1
Lovely, Lovely Hair: 4/15
Spirit animals: 1/2
Post-apocalyptic piggy comic: 1/3 (lol)
The Slow and the Relentless: 29/86 (at the time of writing still unfinished ’24h’ comic …)



(All-time total as of today: 939/4527)

“The kholy shit!”, as Tonya in The Slow and the Relentless would say. I felt like I barely drew any comics at all, but in fact I drew a pretty good amount of pages compared to the last couple of years. In 2012 I drew 111 pages, in 2011 – 102, in 2010 – 87!

It was just more concentrated in isolated bursts of productivity mainly on low-intensity comics (comics in smaller/weird formats and the hourly and 24h comics), with long periods of writer’s block and anguish over the bigger comics projects in between. This is also reflected in how the panel ratio has hit an all-time low this year, with just a 3.01 panels per page average.


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