My day off

Wednesdays I don’t go to my dayjob, because there are too many people in the office and no space for me. So I was looking forward to finally being able to draw comics today …

But last night there was another heavy storm over Brandenburg, and when I woke up I discovered that a large bush in my garden had collapsed.

Good morning.

Noooo …

It was kind of cozy.

It was kind of cozy. :3 So nice to have the middle part of my garden completely sheltered from my neighbours. Maybe some day it will really be like that, when/if the cypresses grow up.

To save the cypresses, I started to cut down the fallen branches …

The other half was still standing.

The other half was still standing. My neighbour came to inform me that he had arranged for a guy with a chainsaw to cut it down in the afternoon. It made sense to cut it down, of course, since that part was leaning a bit against the fence and the next storm might pull it down, and if the wind was from the wrong direction it might even damage his roof. (Nothing got damaged this time, luckily.)

I was a bit annoyed that he just “informed” me that it was going to be cut down and didn’t talk about it with me first, but oh well …

I called my mum to whine about it and she gave me some pro tips about how to handle stupid older men who think you don’t know anything … V^(oo)^;V (Be cool and serious, calmly and assertively make sure that things go as you want them to.)

In the afternoon the chainsaw guy came by. Actually there were no less than FIVE guys who just had to participate … My neighbour, a friend of my neighbour (?!), a serious guy who acted like he was in charge and got annoyed at my meddlesome neighbour, the chainsaw guy, and then a random fifth guy who didn’t really do anything (??!!).

By all means, I could have done it by myself with my little handsaw, but it would have taken a little longer. So I guess it was kind of helpful … V^(oo)^;V

So after they cut down the other half of the bush I sawed up those branches too.
The bamboo shrub next to it had collapsed, too, so I might as well harvest all the dry poles from it.

All cut up

Wood, bamboo, leaves.

That’s only half of the leaves – the first half I already put in the hedgiepiggle hideout. The hedgehogs will have an epic hideout this winter. :3

Hello, neighbour's kitchen window

Hello, neighbour’s kitchen window. :os

My neighbour wanted the front part of the bush (with the whitish leaves) to be cut down, too, but I made sure it stayed …!! V°(oo)°;V That part is no danger to anything, dammit.

… And that’s what I did on my day off from work.

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