A piece of Tungus ASSR zine history

In October 2006 (when I was “kind of” living in Berlin, before finally moving here permanently in January) I brought some copies of my zine Die Kompassrose (first German language zine I’ve made, yay) to the comics library Renate.

I remember being terribly nervous and embarrassed, and it wasn’t made easier by the fact that the cute Russian guy Vadim was working at Renate that day and insisted on speaking Russian with me … V#^(oo)^#V

A while ago the current Renate crew came to the conclusion that in the more than six years since then, Renate had sold 15 of the 20 copies (!!!), so I got some money for them. :3 I also got the receipt and Vadim’s note from 2006:

P.S. That email address is not in use anymore.

They still have 5 copies or so at Renate, and those are the only copies still for sale that have the brown paper covers that look kind of like skin, with birthmarks and everything. That paper was in fact my initial inspiration for this comic about a tattoo! :3

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  1. artifex says:

    Aikas söpöö; aattele kuus vuotta sitten!