Comics production of 2012 assessed

So every year on December 9th I count how many pages and panels of comics I have drawn. This past year I wasn’t even counting as I went, or trying to achieve any specific goal, but I actually managed a few more pages than last year …

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 9th 2011:

Driftwood chapter 9 (from page 30): 29/190
Driftwood epilogue: 3/7
Driftwood deleted scenes: 4/34
Her 18th Birthday: 20/110
Hourly Comics Day 2012: 12/23
Dog Island:  13/81
Daydreams: 1/4
My garden and some of those I share it with (this year’s 24 h comic, which I finished just hours ago): 29/102


111 pages / 551 panels

(All-time total as of today: 831 / 4202)

Last year I drew a bit less – 102 pages and 471 panels. The panels per page ratio also rose a bit now, from an average of 4,6 panels per page last year, to an average of 4,96 panels per page – practically as high as it was in July 2007–December 2009, back when I didn’t draw (smaller-format) 24 hour comics and hourly comics every year yet.

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