Secret piggy project, revelation!

Piggy mummy USB hub

So, I made a piggy mummy USB hub with piglet USB sticks!

Piggy USB hub!

It all started when a friend of mine sent me this picture of the USB hub concept by We Play God:

I was relieved that it’s only a concept, so I wouldn’t be tempted to get one, but then my friend said that, duh, I could easily make one myself …

And so I did! My version is a bit more anatomically correct.

I found the perfect USB hub, curved like a piggy belly. Though I couldn’t afford retractable USB sticks. 🙁

They are wooly mangalica piggies, so the piglets are stripy!

(Now I realised that I should of course have twisted the cable/tail into a piggy tail.)

I reformatted the little USB piggies and gave them piggy names* – Serin, Serkan, Serbülent and Serpil (from left to right).

* The universe has established that all names beginning with “Ser-” are piggy names. First, there was the character Seraphine in my comics, the piggy man. Then somehow we just decided to call our piggy Sergei, without even thinking about it. So “Ser-” names are piggy names, and all my plush piggies have piggy names too.

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5 Responses to “Secret piggy project, revelation!”
  1. Ainur says:

    Så fina små kultingar… och mammans min är obetalbar ;_;

    Vad använde du för material?

  2. Tinet says:

    Det är sån där fimo-lera. ( Borde kanske ha tagit den andra typen av lera, som blir mer träaktig när den torkar …

  3. artifex says:

    Mää en kestä…

  4. WPG says:

    Hello from WPG! the creator of the Officechums range. We are actually releasing the product any minute. but i would just like to say thats a cute representation! well done!