My garden is a jungle

I really need to organise my time better, somehow, so I can spend more time in the countryside. This is driving me crazy.

Today I couldn’t take it anymore and went there for a short time, anyway.

The fava beans near the fence have a bit of an aphid problem. (Maybe the ant colony in the ground nearby is farming them?) Maybe they’ll be okay nevertheless. If I see any ladybirds I put them there to eat the aphids …
I was going to use the totally overgrown bed to the right as a pumpkin bed this year, but maybe that plan is going to hell.

The sugar peas reach for the sky while that bush in the background is in full bloom.

In the sink, the yellow and red chard and the nasturtium seem quite happy.

The potatoes are growing, and the slugs have not annihilated them! In a week or so I will even out the trenches. All that goutweed around them is going to become soup in a moment.

The pole beans in the greenhouse look very nice. I watered the white bucket too much (!) after seeding other beans there, and they rotted. Now the replacement beans are finally sprouting, too … In the black pot is one of the four tigernuts (of eight) that have sprouted so far.

The one zucchini. (No it’s not zucchini! It’s borage! How, why?! It must have self-seeded somehow in my compost?!! Nature sure is resilient in its efforts to feed us in spite of everything …) I planted some radishes next to it to use the space until the zucchini borage gets bigger. In the other pots are tigernuts, with spinach and ruccola along the edges, as well as two surprise tomato plants (!) that probably came from tomatoes I threw in the compost last year. Hey, I don’t mind …

What the slugs have left alive so far: 2/9 regular cucumber plants, 5/9 pickle cucumber plants, and 3/9 cherry tomato plants. X_x Guess they don’t like pickle cucumbers that much, if they even prefer tomatoes over them …

It’s time to separate them (not much thinning necessary, eh) and bind them on strings!

A colony of wasps have built a nest in one of my compost bins. In the fall, when they’ve dissolved the colony, it will be exciting to open the compost bin and see how big the nest was. Maybe I’ll have to build a third compost bin in the meantime, since the one without wasps is getting full soon.

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