May – yay

Not much is happening here art-wise. These days, most of the time I’m slaving away at dayjobs. 🙁

Still, once or twice a week I do have time to visit my lovely garden …

Everything is so pretty and in bloom. :3

Piggy beans are growing eagerly. :3

Yellow irises blooming in my bigger pond.

Nasturtiums sprouting in my sink planter, even though I accidentally knocked it over last week when I was moving this stupid enormous torn inflatable pool, left there by previous inhabitants, that I store under the trailer because it’s not a priority for me to invest money and resources in bringing all that trash to the trash.
I reseeded some chard just in case (the original seeds had just started sprouting and may not have survived the trauma), but apparently the nasturtiums, at least in the left sink, were just fine.

Here I’ve been planning to grow potatoes. I’ve been putting that off way too long. At this point maybe I’ll just cover the bed with cardboard and empty the older compost bin on top. X_x

The red pole beans sprouted extremely fast and are growing marvelously. The yellow pole beans (seeds I bought last year) haven’t sprouted at all (yet?). Probably the seeds are too old already …

My bike cart. I need bags of earth for the greenhouse. Since I don’t want to pester people with driver’s licences to go to OBI with me, I thought I could just get a bike cart and do it myself in several runs.

I hauled 3 x 40 liters of earth in one run, and I probably overloaded the cart a little bit, since it was so brutal to ride back home. Maybe just one bag of earth at a time would be better …

Anyway, I’ve now seeded half of the cucumbers and tomatoes I’ll be growing in the greenhouse.

Next to them are strawberries, companion planted with pole beans. Later on I’ll put the boxes on the wall of my trailer again.

I thought that if I have to be away from my garden as much as I do now, maybe I should focus more on tomatoes this year. Cucumbers are my very favourite vegetable, but they have to be watered several times a day. 🙁
However, now I’m experimenting with a new low-tech irrigation system …

Unglazed terracotta pots with plugged up holes, sunk into the earth, should release their water slowly. We shall see if it works …

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