Early April at my garden

Bright red little bug!

Maybe I missed all the croci. But I saw this strange bright red bug.

Redcurrant blossoms again

The redcurrant bush is blossoming.

Redcurrant blossoms

I hope it will make lots of nice berries. :3

Redcurrant in bloom!

Later on, I was gathering nettle leaves … when I felt the lovely smell of chives wafting over.

I was gathering nettle leaves ...

Apparently there are surprise chives growing at the root of the plum tree!? They look, smell and taste like chives (sound and feel, too, yeah!), though maybe a bit less flavourful than the “tame” ones in my pots.

Surprise chives!!?

The chives in my potted herb collection are also growing happily, and the lavender is making brand new leaves.

My goji berry bush that I planted last year is making new leaves too. It dropped all its leaves last year for some reason and I was worried that the wetness had killed it off. But it survived! V^(oo)^V


I picked a big bag of nettle leaves. :3

Then evening fell:


The piggy quilt has found a place on my bed:

The piggy quilt adorning my bed!

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One Response to “Early April at my garden”
  1. miriam katin says:

    During my basic training I found these wild chives growing while sitting on the ground waiting for the next “action” or half listening to some inane instruction.
    I gathered them to liven up the terribly dull food. They are weak but there even they helped.
    Beautiful pictures.