So today Ilan helped me build a new fence in place of the old (mostly) wooden one that was totally falling apart.

We forgot to take a “before” picture, but anyway, the old fence is in a pile under the plum tree here:


Surveying the scene …

All the wooden parts of the old fence were totally withered and/or rotten (and will burn nicely in my stove). Over the years both the previous inhabitants and myself had been mending it with all kinds of different materials. By now nothing was really staying together anymore, and it was time to replace it completely.
Well, two white metal poles were still quite sturdy, so we left them there and implemented them into the new fence.

The new fence is a cheap-ass wire fence, because that’s the only material light enough so I could haul it on my bike. And of course, it was cheap.

The instructions said to cast all the posts in concrete. Pfff. There was really no way I could have hauled enough concrete on my bike to cast foundations for all the posts, except in several runs, which I couldn’t really be bothered with. We already had two extremely strong corner posts as foundations, so I think it’s stable enough even without concrete.

The instructions also said to place a post every 2,5 m, but there were more posts than that so we just used them all. They are kind of unevenly positioned along the run of the fence, because there are lots of big stones in the ground.

Oh yeah! Really straight. But tight? Uh huh.

The most important part of this fence are three wires like this that you string up from the corner posts and make really tight.

Is that a doggie?

Then you tie the wire mesh to the three foundation strings and the posts. (I’m not sure what I was looking at here …)

And there it is!!! All done. Once the plants start growing again the relative ugliness of this fence will be concealed. Also, I plan to plant some blackberry brambles along the fence, to further reinforce it. :3

And there’s still some wire mesh left, which I can use for trellising peas and making bondage towers for tomatoes and beans.

(All fruit device photos by Ilan, all normal photos by me.)

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5 Responses to “Fencing”
  1. eijushka says:

    Miksei Ilanin farkuissa oo kaunista possu-paikkaa 🙁

  2. miriam katin says:

    What did eljushka says?

  3. Tinet says:

    Mum is wondering why the hole in Ilan’s jeans has not been mended with a beautiful piggy patch. 🙁

  4. miriam katin says:

    Why not indeed.
    Such good mother think. I am ashamed I did not even spot the rip.

  5. eijushka says:

    “I am ashamed I did not even spot the rip.”

    Miriam: Don´t!

    Greetings from Sweden 🙂