DRIFTWOOD CH. 9 P. 23-26

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 23-26

* * *
101 down, 71 to go. V`(oo)´V
(Now I’m on Driftwood page 29, and I did a 32 page 24 h comic, which I will hopefully post soon … But it’s only three days until the end of this exercise. I guess I could spend those three days drawing 71 pages. I don’t doubt that I could do it, and it would perhaps make my life seem somehow meaningful. V`(oo)´V But then, I could also not spend the next three days drawing 71 really crappy pages, and just admit that I failed and move on. Hmmmm …)

P.S. There will be a report on the Gothenbug comics festival soon! I’ve just been kind of exhausted since my return. x_X

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