DRIFTWOOD CH. 9 P. 21-22

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 21-22

* * *
66 down, 106 to go. V`(oo)´V
(Now I’m on page 26 … Doing a bit of a штурмовщина until the Gothenburg comics festival, so I can exhibit as much as possible from this chapter. Sadly there is no way I’ll have the entire chapter and thus a new zine finished by then … (;_;)
Things look a bit disappointing overall for this “quantity, not quality” exercise, too, but November 12th will be the Berlin 24h comics day. I am tempted to see if I can draw more than 24 pages in 24 hours!!??! If I do one panel per page, like many other artists do to cope with the time restraint of 24h comics, it should be a piece of cake, right? V^(oo)^V (For not page-formatted comics, the official rules say: at least 100 panels.) That should be an interesting exercise in form, too, since I’ve never drawn a comic like that before … Well, we’ll see.)

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