Rain and lunch

Hmm, what colours should I wear this summer, to match the bruises on my legs …? Purple, green, yellow? (I fell into a tram track with my bike.) Well, so far it doesn’t seem to be a problem, really, because it just won’t stop raining.

Nasturtium, potatoes, nettles and borages, all blossoming in the rain.


A worker bee! They have to work, come rain, come shine. So do I, so when there isn’t enough sun for my solar panels, I have to go to town and work in a cafe.


Borages are my favourite flowers: they are blue, edible and taste like cucumber. V^(oo)^V

Cucumbers and tomatoes

In the greenhouse the real cucumbers and the tomato plants are huge.


Lots of tiny little cucumbers are already growing on them.

Pole beans

The pole beans inside the greenhouse are following the bamboo poles. The ones outside already have tiny little pods, but I planted these a bit later.

The water level is so high that you can see it in the well basin. In many places in town, there are slight floods.

On Saturday, as I waded home from the train station, I wished I had rubber boots. Today I decided I would buy a pair, after all, and of course that decision magically stopped the rain.

Anyway. Sunday lunchtime!

Nasturtium (leaves and flowers), borage flowers, peas, sweet peas, and the very first pod of fava beans.
Now this will surely make a nice salad!

Cutting up the piggy beans (fava beans), I discovered that the beans are bedded in a fuzzy nest! Awww.

All right, there’s my lunch: a salad with today’s bounty from my garden and biscuits. Dessert: waffles. :3

(And a bit of a spoiler from Driftwood ch. 9, p. 12, which I finally managed to finish inking yesterday …)

* * *

Last week I had to calm my brain by making something with my hands, so I finally got down to a project I’d been planning to do for a long time:

A little bag for scarves, gloves and hats. :3
The lovely fabric with the folkloristic tanks is “Puskantakaa” (‘from behind the bush’) by Hanna Ruusulampi, who has designed many more wonderful fabrics.

It’s a bit dark to see all the details properly (damn rainy weather), but the front of the bag is wrapped around a bamboo pole that latches into the little dresser.

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