Lots of photos from my new home … :3

What do we see here …?


The last time I was here was in March. Now it has turned into a jungle! So nice.

Pretty flowers in the meadow/driveway. How could I mow them? This is such a small garden that paths will form naturally where I walk.

More pretty flowers near the greenhouse:

My garlic is growing among all the weeds …

Maybe this will be some grapes later on!

And now for some interior views:

The cooking area.
Among the few things I actually kept are all the piggy things, so my interior decoration here is extremely porcine! See how many piggy items you can spot …

Entrance area. Oh noes, I forgot to remove the big trash bag for the photo …

Kitchen, or maybe rather washing and laundry area. The big blue thing on the wall next to the electricity cupboard is my laundry basin.

Desk and pantry. It had always annoyed me how the glass cupboard was so low and I had to bend my back to open it, so I put it on top of my old shoe shelf, and now it’s perfect! Whee …

On the wall is a reproduction I made in middle school of Hugo Simberg’s The Garden of Death. :3

Bedroom … This is where the coziness gets unbearable. I made a pillowcase of some Kazakh embroidery I got in Mongolia.

Close up on the cooking area …

Today I planted some stuff. Here are the herb containers right at the entrance to the trailer:

“Mitsu parsley” (I’ve forgotten the proper name :3 ), chives and some weird “anis basil” in one pot, and regular basil from the supermarket, regular parsley and more chives in the other one.

Cucumber and sweet peas, ready to grow all over that dead tree!

Inside the greenhouse: lavender, chinese cabbage (I’ll plant one a week, so I’ll get my weekly kimchi supply), radishes, ruccola and spinach.

In the bags: cucumber, tomato, cucumber, tomato, cucumber.

Beans in that little pot on the corner.

Ilan slaving away in the vegetable garden. (He insisted on it, and I didn’t mind.)

Look what nice neat beds he made! I would never have had the nerve.

In the compost heap like bed on the left I put some potatoes.

Whee … Then it started to rain and thunder, just as Ilan was finished.

(I didn’t test my new big solar panel yet because of the rain that seemed imminent all day.)

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10 Responses to “Lots of photos from my new home … :3”
  1. Mikael Sol says:

    Jag vill också bo så där!

  2. Valentin says:

    Wah! Totalt jävla awesome! 🙂

  3. Tinet says:

    Whee, tack! V^(oo)^V

  4. miriam katin says:

    It looks like you have some mint among the forget-me-nots.

  5. Tinet says:

    Heh, the forget-me-not and the mint are actually one and the same plant – Veronica or Speedwell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veronica_filiformis

    It’s a common weed that grows almost anywhere, but it’s very pretty!

  6. bubu says:

    Voi että on kivaa! Oot kyllä ahkera!

  7. miriam katin says:

    I beg to differ. Take an other look. There among those round leafs
    are more ridged ones looking like mint, or an other kind of weed we used to call in Hungarian: Csalan and it would act like poison ivy when I happened to fall into them. I hope not.
    We have mint growing in the house’s backyard right now and the only ones picking it are me and Sirhat the Turkish super.

  8. Tinet says:

    No, you take another look. ;o) Those leaves belong to the Veronicas. There’s a better photo here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Veronica_chamaedrys_Ehrenpreis.jpg

    Or, if you mean the bigger ridged leaves to the upper left in the close-up photo, they belong to another weed that had totally taken over large parts of my garden, especially my vegetable beds. Heh, I do wish it was mint!

    I have plenty of csalan too (nettles) – maybe you can see some in the right foreground in the photo with my bike in it. I love it, it’s yummy! You can have it in soups, sauces and bread (it doesn’t sting after you cook it).
    Supposedly the stinging is good against rheumatism … Though I (still) wear gloves when I pick it.

  9. bubu says:


    Tässon nurmitädyke; näitä tädykkeitä on aikas monta lajia.

    Nokkosista kantsii kerätä ihan ne nuoret osat; määkin ykspäivä keräsin ja silppusin raakana salaattiin; välillä kirpas sillai jännästi suussa.

    Mintuista tuli mieleen, et pitää hankkia ruukkuun; viimekesänä desinfion aina suuni ohikävellessäni; ja perhoset tykkää kans.

  10. Tinet says:

    Apua, nokkonen kannattaa ehkä pikemmin keittää tai paistaa ennenkun syö …

    Niin, munkin pitää hankkia minttua ja vähän muitakin kivoja mausteita.