Sure, it looks extra gloomy because it’s dark. :o)

I’ve moved out almost all of the stuff and almost finished cleaning the apartment. It’s not saying much, I guess, but it’s already cleaner than it has ever been as long as I’ve known it …
I still have to paint the area from which I exterminated the last mold colony, but I’m leaving the wild piggy border along the wall. :3 Maybe my boss/landlord and his girlfriend will decide to keep it?

Thanks, apartment, for the 4,5 years, but I won’t miss you too much.

I was almost surprised at how cozy this room was according to the “before” photo, which I took months ago. It’s very strange – I lived there for such a long time (bizarrely long for me), but it never truly felt like home.
Possibly on one hand because I rented it second hand, and there was always an overhanging possibility that I’d have to move out, and also because I always shared the flat with another person (who was very nice, but not my family).

At one point we got a new building supervisor who decided he hates me (-_-;), so I was quite happy when the first-hand tenant said he’d like to move back into the apartment.

In any case, my new home will soon be even cozier than this. :3

Today at the grocery store I bought some nasturtium and lupin seeds as well as a basil pot, because I can’t wait to move out to the countryside over the summer. Unfortunately the lupin seeds aren’t of the edible kind, but either way they will improve the quality of my sandy soil …

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