Soviet garrison + hedges

Today I went to finish cutting the §$%&€ hedges, and also to scout an abandoned Soviet garrison that is very close to my trailer. An armoured regiment used to be stationed there … ♥

The most obvious entrances are on a heavily trafficked road. There may be a way in somewhere in the back, through a wooded park, but there, too, there were lots of people on this weekday afternoon. In any case I’d really prefer to attempt trespassing there in the summer, when you can hide behind the trees …

For now we’ll have to make do with these photos from the outside, taken with my crappier camera.

Main entrance (over the fence).

There’s a star on the building. Aww. These buildings are registered as historical landmarks, but I guess nobody is in much of a hurry to restore them.

Back home the yellow crocuses withered, but a purple one is in bloom. A daffodil has also appeared, though I didn’t take any photo of it.

I just realised that I haven’t posted a lot of pictures of my kitchen/main room. Okay, it’s a bit messy now with the electric hedge cutter and all that bottled water on the counter … :3

And YEEESSSS, I finished cutting the hedges. V^(oo)^V Using the scissors wasn’t all that bad, but I had to take a lot of breaks for the sake of my back. I finished just in time, too, because one little spider had already made a web on one of the hedges …

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One Response to “Soviet garrison + hedges”
  1. miriam katin says:

    Well, there it is. THE RED STAR artist colony. Although I am not sure that
    life would not be hell in a “colony” of artists but what else can one think of. And all the neighbors raking around the fence trying to peak.