Remember the piggy in the bathtub, in that disturbing house in Dahlewitz…?

The piggy in the bathtub!!!!

When I encountered it, it captured my heart, and ever since I have been scouring eBay worldwide to find another one like it!

And believe it or not (I certainly almost DID NOT!!!), but last week at last I found one!!!! Someone in Florida, USA, was selling a piggy in the bathtub!!!! Along with two other piggy bathroom items:

The toilet paper holder is kind of cute, I guess. The liquid soap bottle is extremely disturbing.

Well, of course I won the auction, whatever it may cost (just 10.50$ actually). Problem is, the seller only ships within the US, but I’m having it sent to Ilan’s parents (I’m sure they will understand). If I have waited this long to find it, I can probably wait a little longer until I finally have it …

Aww. Of course, I can’t quite fathom yet what has transpired. It’s like a dream. Will it really come true …?

* * *

Edit, March 28th: The piggy in the bathtub is now in New York. Miriam sent me a photo of the truly perfect packaging in which it and its friends arrived:

It is indeed a value pack of sweetener! V^(oo)^V

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4 Responses to “THE PIGGY IN THE BATHTUB!!!!”
  1. miriam katin says:

    I almost spat out my mouthful of coffee imagining the disturbing Piggy Soap holder being pressed and the soap coming out … or having to hit the poor thing on the head. The only more disturbing object to me is the
    ceramic cow pouring (vomiting) milk from the mouth.

  2. miriam katin says:

    I meant the liquid Soap bottle. So I was laughing out.
    You should include here the picture of the jolly pink package I emailed you.

  3. Tinet says:

    Heh … Good idea. :o)

  4. bubu says:

    Voi kuinka söpöjä! Ilanin äiti on kiva, kun auttaa sua 🙂