I could confirm today that nobody has broken into my trailer to murder sheep and throw their body parts all over the place.

But I saw two deer bouncing away with their white butts. They ran off when I stepped outside. Aww.

Above is the excuse I had to steal away to the countryside in the middle of the week like this. I got this lovely washboard off eBay from a nice lady who happens to live in the same town where I have my garden. She said it’s at least 40 years old and DDR make. In any case hand washing laundry will be much nicer and easier with this simple tool. Yay!

I have some almost-embarrassing clay statues of some of the main characters in Driftwood, which I made in high school during the obligatory clay working during arts class.

I’ve kept them stored in a box the last few years, and was thinking of placing them in a public park somewhere, just to get rid of them in a somewhat interesting way. But then I realised that firstly that would be embarrassing, and secondly I have a garden now!!!

So now they have found their place near the edge of one of the two ponds, next to the greenhouse.

Weird noses.

One reason why you should paint before you assemble panelling:

The planks have contracted in the cold, exposing unpainted areas here and there. But they’ll expand again as the weather gets warmer.

Bonus piggy pigture:

My piggy salt shaker (a gift from Ainur ♥) … Actually it’s the pepper shaker, but it has smaller nostrils than the salt shaker, so I have salt in the pepper shaker and pepper in the salt shaker. V^(oo)^V

Alas, I couldn’t stay too long at my lovely trailer.

I noticed that the wind would be in my back if I biked home, so I ventured on the first 20 km bike ride home of the season. It was quite nice. I had cramps at least once in most of my toes, and also my left calf. V`(oo)´;V

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One Response to “Phew!”
  1. bubu says:

    Oi, määkin otan kyllä fillarin esille nyt viikonloppuna!

    Sulla tulee oleen kyllä kivaa siellä maalla!