Wild piggies in the city

Eye of the piggy

One of many reasons why I like Wedding so much, especially the northern part, is Volkspark Rehberge, and, more specifically, the wild piggies that live in an enclosure there. It’s part of a little zoo where they have some other animals as well.

The enclosure is quite big, but still not big enough to not get worn out. Piggies need a lot of room. Also I think it would be nice if there were more possibilities for the piggies to get privacy from the human visitors also outside of their little houses. On the other hand there aren’t terribly many visitors, so they do get some private time every once in a while.

All the piggies are elderly, over 20 years old. I wonder if the park will get other piggies once these have all passed on …

Scratching against a tree ...

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3 Responses to “Wild piggies in the city”
  1. ilan says:

    I was wondering why all of them are around the same age?

    My best guess would be that these wild piggies are found roaming around with injuries and away from their families. They are then treated for these injuries and then provided with a shelter for the their remaining days.

    I agree it would be a lot nicer if they had more privacy. Perhaps the whole operation is rationalized around humans coming to see them in return for a comfortable retirement. :/

  2. Tinet says:

    Nah, they are most likely bred in captivity. There are lots of wild piggies in zoos in Germany, even some tame ones that live with human families.
    And probably they all came to the park at the same time and are perhaps even brothers or sisters.

  3. bubu says:

    I like you and and l like the piggies 🙂