Frosty datscha weekend

One of many reasons why I like my stove is that its lower air vent looks like a piggy snout. See this slightly enhanced photo:

(Mum, do not look at the lower right corner of the picture! I just noticed that the container with twigs for starting the fire is really dirty. Oops …)

Some early morning photos …

This weekend was a bit chilly. There is frost on the wall.

I set up the bathtub (that had been randomly standing around under he plum tree) to collect rain water. Previously the rain water went straight into the ground, but that seems a bit wasteful, since I’ll be needing water for the garden, and warm rain water is nicer for the plants than cold well water.

I set up the bathtub last time in the dark (!), so I suspected that I didn’t quite manage to seal the drain properly. There is a little ice tap from the drain into the ground, so I will have to seal it properly when it thaws (and in daylight this time).

I tried to protect the well pump a bit with a woolen blanket wrapped around it tightly. It broke last year when temperatures went down to -20° C. It hasn’t been that cold yet and I hope that won’t happen this year. :o/
For now I’m drinking bottled water when I’m out there.

The disturbing fake fish on the frozen pond … Somewhere below, the frogs must be sleeping …

The vegetable garden I built last time. I really need to cut the hedges before the spiders come back …

I saw my firewood on this bench.

Door knob and bamboo.
The door to the greenhouse doesn’t shut when it’s this cold. I seriously use metal wire for too many things. My grandpa would have been proud of me. If I had a penis.

Morning light.

The toilet is so cozy. V^(oo)^V
But I suppose a styrofoam seat would be nice when it’s this cold.

I fixed the fence in that corner. Some animals seemed to have torn it down a bit. I wonder with excitement if maybe it was wild piggies, but I didn’t find any conclusive evidence …

There is an inflatable pool in the corner, which I’ve been wanting to take away since forever. In the summer it was full of insects (who I didn’t want to disturb), and right now it’s frozen to the ground …

I put tiles on the wall behind the stove. It looks a bit messy now that I haven’t filled out the gaps between the tiles yet. In the area around the hole for the pipe it’s good for heat protection. Since I set up the stove, there has sometimes, when I haven’t been heating, been some kind of condensation trickling down along the wall there, so the tiles will be useful for protecting against that, too.

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5 Responses to “Frosty datscha weekend”
  1. bubu says:

    Voin kuvitella, kuinka kivaa sullon siellä asua!
    Tussasitko kamiinanluukkuun possun silmät ja kulmakarvat?

  2. Tinet says:

    Apua, en … Mä piirsin vaan fotosopissa valokuvaan …

  3. ilan says:

    Reminds me of that piggie lighter that I saw in Lisbon.

  4. miriam says:

    In my “olden days” they believed that one should wash the hair in rain water to make it beautiful. So we collected rainwater whenever we could.
    Does it work? Just look at me.

  5. Tinet says:

    Miriam: Yeah, when I was a teenager some girls still did that. Also, in Germany some would wash their hair with beer.