Hey, it’s a 10 year anniversary

I’ve had a website for ten years now. :3

The first incarnation was a Geocities site that had a design that incorporated lots of tables with that typical late 90’s/early 00’s “3D look”. Waybackmachine thankfully has no archive of the site the way it looked back then …

At some point Geocities started to get really annoying with the ads, so I got my own domain. I had more “Communist” themed comics back then so it kind of made sense. Today “kommiekomiks.com” as a domain can be a bit annoying, because I always have to explain that I’m not a Communist myself (although some Anarchists do call themselves Communists, in the sense that they work for true Communism, which the Socialist countries never achieved), but that the site has a post-Soviet concept.
But it’s perhaps useful as a test to see how people react to it when I hand out my card at parties. If they cringe at the “kommie-“, it means they probably aren’t worth my time … :oD

* * *

Today I got my new teapot. And it’s an anniversary teapot, but for 50 years, not 10.

My little teapot, short and stout

It was made for the 50th anniversary of НКМЗ, “the largest producer of the unique and high-duty rolling mill, metallurgical, press and forging, power-generating, ore and mining, hoisting and conveying and special equipment in Ukraine and a reputed company all over the world”.
NKMZ was commissioned in 1934, so this teapot was made in 1984.

It has a little crack at its snout (awww :3) and drips with a tiny drop at each pouring. I should make a little scarf/snoutwrap for it. :3

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6 Responses to “Hey, it’s a 10 year anniversary”
  1. ilan says:

    Tea with Sachertorte. Mmmmm.

  2. miriam katin says:

    Beautiful teapot.
    In the kibbutz where I lived, Yad Mordechay, they believed in true
    Communism and even in the late 50-is they felt that Israel
    should have sided with Russia and not America. Fresh out of Hungary
    it gave me the creeps.

  3. bubu says:

    Onnee! Ja kiitos, että saan ola mukana jakamassa kommie´ta 🙂

  4. Tinet says:

    Apua, totta kai saat …

  5. Netania says:

    Congratulations on your teapot and the anniversary of this great blog!

  6. Tinet says:

    Thank you! V^(oo)^V