In July 2007 I counted how many pages and panels of comics I had drawn in my life. In December 2009 I counted how much I had drawn since then, and pledged to double my yearly average and draw 87 pages until the next December 9th.

(I’m a couple of days late with the last page and the assessment, because my mum came to visit for a week and I could barely draw anything while she was here.)

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 9th 2009:

Driftwood ch. 7 (from page 25): 17/92
Driftwood ch. 8:  29/192
International Women’s Day: 1/1
Russian Names: 2/13
On the Swedish child pornography laws: 1/1
White Nights: 25/54

Hourly comic day comic: 10/23

This Is My Home: 2/10


87 pages / 386 panels

(All-time total as of today: 618 / 3180)

In July 2007–December 2009 I drew by average 43,6 pages and 217,2 panels a year. Now I’ve indeed doubled the yearly average of pages, but not quite regarding panels, probably because I’ve only drawn hourly comics and 24 h comics, both of which tend to have less panels per page due to their quick nature, since 2009.

Okay, let’s face it — 87 pages a year is still really lame. I could get away with just one page a week most of the time. I can do much better than that! (Especially now that I live alone again, at last.)
Sooo … until December 9th 2011, let’s double it again and draw 174 pages of comics!!!


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