24h Comic – ENGAGE!

Okay, so last year I pledged that until the next December 9th I would draw 87 pages of comics. Right now I have 61 down, 26 to go. Obviously the best way to fulfill my pledge is to do a 24h comic.
Unless the weather will be terribly cold and she won’t have the heart to leave her poor half-feral cats alone in the cold, my mum will come visit me next weekend. So maybe it’s a good idea to do the 24h comic before she comes. Thus, I’ll be doing my best to draw 24 pages of comics in the 24 hours between 15:00 on December 1st and 15:00 on December 2nd.

If you are a crazy sick person you can stare at me all the time while I do it in this webcam stream. There is even a chat function so you can ask stupid questions and maybe I will answer if I feel like it.

* * *

Okay, I finished my 24 page comic at 11 AM. Whee, 24 pages in 20 hours! Big thanks to all the sick people who came by to stare at me as I struggled in front of the empty pages mocking me.

After I eat and sleep and maybe go out and play in the lovely snow I’ll scan the comic and we’ll se how it turned out. It seems a bit weird to me now, but my consciousness is also a bit weird from Club Mate overdose, so who knows.

Hmm, part of me actually thinks it’s a total waste to stop drawing now when I’m in such good drawing shape … :3 But I do think my health, albeit mortal, has to go before immortal Art. Because without Mortal Health, there can be no Immortal Art. Yes. I have not slept in 26 hours. But that’s not the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep.

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2 Responses to “24h Comic – ENGAGE!”
  1. hello eva.
    this is really supergreat. i like it. unfortunately i cannot be at your tagtoolshow at cafe wendel, but andreas told me about you .
    thanks and maybe we will meet sometimes

  2. Tinet says:

    Hello, Dieter!

    Thanks! Sorry if it’s maybe not so interesting, I seem to be mostly staring at the paper and trying to figure out the story … And now I have to take a little break for work.

    Heh, and I’m actually not Eva (though sometimes I wish ;o) … Eva is the heroine in some of my comics (http://www.kommiekomiks.com/eva.htm).