Weird flowers and other photos from my trailer

Okay, if you didn’t believe my drawings last week … Here is photographic evidence!

Some weird flowers that grew in my garden.

Now here is the stove pipe.

The remaining branches of the birch are nowhere near it, and yes, I did clean the rain pipes shortly after this photo was taken.

I also sealed up the insulation and the seam where the pipe goes through the wall with special fireproof aluminium tape. In one place lots of tiny little holes had appeared in the insulation — maybe a bird with a death wish had been picking at it? :o/ I sealed off those with the tape, too.

Here is the stove in the bedroom. I’m cooking risotto.

That green plastic bag in the kitchen contains trash from the previous residents that I today, at last, sorted and got rid of. (-_-); Priorities, priorities!

Close-up on the piggy lid:

Oops, on this side of the stove there are still fingerprints from me and Mr. Anonymous Hairy Driver from when we brought it there. :3

And yes, mum, I sweeped the floor afterwards.

While waiting for the stove to heat up it was too cold to be in the kitchen (the night had been around zero), and anyway I had to monitor the fire, so I drew right in front of the stove. It was great, I could draw while cooking, too. Didn’t even have to get up to stir the pot. V^(oo)^V

This weekend I didn’t do a lot of work around the place, but I did make a little shelf/nightstand from stuff that was laying around. (It only looks crooked in this photo, I swear!)

The weird things in the wall above the bed are the ends of massive screws that I’ve covered with badminton ball tips and cloth. The teddy bear was already there when I moved in …

I’ve been thinking of maybe painting the wainscotting light blue, since I don’t really like this natural wood. Next summer?

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3 Responses to “Weird flowers and other photos from my trailer”
  1. bubu says:

    Noi ekan kuvan kukat ovat “rakkauden kukkia” naapurimme Ingrid-tädin mukaan. Voit juurettaa ne just tollai vedessä ja sit laittaa maahan takaisin; ne ovat monivuotisia.

    Sulla on oikein kivaa pikku maatilallas!

  2. Tinet says:

    Rakkauden kukkia … siis hirveetä. Niitä kasvaa hirveesti siellä puutarhassa.

  3. bubu says:

    Sun oma pikku mökkis!