Trailer renovation progress report part 2!

At some point as I was working on the highest parts of the wall, I looked up at the roof, and there was a dozen dragonflies hanging around there, basking in the sun.

So anyway, on Saturday I finished the wall. Whee! V^(oo)^V

Then I painted it (1st layer of 2).

For a moment I felt tempted to choose a whole other colour, but then I figured that it’s nice how the trailer melts into the surroundings with this moss green colour.

On Sunday I continued with the windowsills. They look most abominable. Only with the next to last one I figured out how to do it somewhat decently.

Since they look so terrible I guess I’ll paint them green too, to camouflage them into the rest of the wall …

Okay, time for a greenhouse checking break.

Ruccola, radish and spinach are working hard, and the napa cabbage is sprouting too.

More radish, with a little frog figure in the pot, but no sign yet of the carrots and black salsify. I hope they are okay with the earth – it’s special “grave earth” (extra black!) that I got on sale at OBI …

On Mitsu's birthday, 10.10.10

Today would have been Mitsu’s 16th birthday (10.10.10). I tried to guess what Mitsu would have done in my garden, which places she would choose to lie down and keep watch over the surroundings, and so on.

There is a heap of rocks in one corner of the garden, and from the corner of my eye it sometimes looks like Mitsu.

Speaking of that, it’s disturbing what my brain does when it’s understimulated. I guess compulsively reciting Pyramus et Thisbe is better than compulsively listing all the things me and especially my exboyfriend did wrong in our relationship.

Anyway, I mounted a long piece of aluminium sheet all the way along the rainpipe. It gives nice shade from the glaring sun, and will of course protect the wall from the rain.

Then I repainted the northern wall of the trailer, where the old panelling is still in acceptable shape. Finally I sealed all the seams in the windows, the wall and the aluminium sheets with sealing gook.

Phew! To be continued … V`(oo)´V

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2 Responses to “Trailer renovation progress report part 2!”
  1. bubu says:

    Voi että! Kiva sit kun olen luonas nähdä tän kaiken! Oot tehny kyllä ison homman…