Trailer renovation progress report

10:15 this morning:

YES, I finally got all the support beams up! It only took me a few days!!!
Each beam took me about one hour. (-_-); They are fastened with huge screws that go all the way through the inside panelling, with additional support in the form of pieces of wood on the ends of the screws. It doesn’t look very nice on the inside, but some of them are covered by curtains at the windows, others I can use to hang stuff from, and the rest I’ll cover with tennis or ping pong balls or something …

I may have to put up another beam at the far end. Depends on how much I’ll have left of the panelling once the main part is covered.

Some of my trusty tools – left to right:
– My badass hammer
– Measuring tape
– Drill bits
– Screwdriver #4 (I’ve screwed up three screwdrivers so far – finally I realised that the massive screws for the support beams are not Phillips, but Pozidriv – and also, I’ve stopped trying to drive screws into knots … So maybe the last two screwdrivers I got will last a bit longer …?)
– Glove (I screw with gloves on or else my hands will break, and also they make my grip stronger)
– My cutesy breast drill with an extra long drill bit
– Tweezers and wrench
– My kataba saw ♥

Around 16:00 this afternoon:

Whoa, once I got to the panelling things started to go a lot faster! At least the easy parts without any custom sawing …
It is very nice to work with shiny, fresh, fragrant wood … One of the voices in my head kept telling me, “Now if this isn’t the prettiest wall we have ever made … :3”

Aaaand, shortly before dark, 18:30 this evening:

Whee, it’s almost disturbing how the panelling fits nicely in exactly 8 + 5 rows. Though I guess I could have started a little higher up.
On top of the panelling, under the rainpipe and also under the windows, I’ll probably mount aluminium sheet to keep the rain from getting behind the wood.

There is still a lot to do, but it looks a lot less depressing now. :o)

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11 Responses to “Trailer renovation progress report”
  1. bubu says:

    Oot kyllä osaava tuchtig medel!

  2. Mats says:

    Too late I guess, but it usually looks better if the joints are not at the same place. And if you want to paint the panels it is most often easier to paint them before mounting, as a bonus the paint reaches parts that are not accesible now if doing so.
    Also, in stead of putting balls on the screws, I’d suggest you buy a sawblade for a hacksaw and just cut them of at the same level as the walls.
    Sorry if I sound to critical, you’ve done a Great Job!

  3. Tinet says:

    Thanks for your suggestions, Mats! I did consider all of those things, actually … ;o)

    I’m doing this the quick, cheap and dirty way, so I don’t care much about where the joints are. Certainly it would be better for waterproofing if they were not aligned, but I have a lot of leftover joining/waterproofing/universal glue gook that I’ll use to waterproof the joints.
    I’m saving a bit of paint money by painting the planks after mounting them (only half as much surface to paint this way). Of course, they may not last quite as long that way, but I’m only renting this place, and who knows for how long, and I’m not getting any compensation for the work I’m putting into it, so what the hell. If I owned it I’d paint them first. :op
    I’m not going to cut off the ends of the screws, because on one hand the ends of the screws are a bit of a security margin, and on the other hand I can find things to cover the ends with in the trash, but I’d have to buy a whole saw to cut them off (there are no metal cutting blades for my kataba, as far as I know) … :o)

  4. Netania says:

    It looks beautiful! And very inspiring.

  5. bubu says:

    Ei mekään maalattu ensin lautoja, ku tehtiin se lisäfrigge. En maalannu ees uusia räystäslautoja, ku sillon oli talvi, ku katto vaihettiin.
    Sääkin voit jättää maaluksen alkukesään jos haluut.

  6. Tinet says:

    Netania: Thanks! I can’t wait till I can install the stove so it will be warm enough to spend longer periods of time sitting still, so I can draw comics there again … :o)

    bubu: Apua, se on kyllä ihan totta että kannattaa maalata ensin, ja varsinkin siinä liiterin yläpuolella olisi ollut tosi hyvä maalata laudat ensin …
    Mulla on jo maalia ja nyt on kiva ilma, niin kyllä mä maalaan jo nyt, ainakin ne osat joihin tulee peltiä.

  7. bubu says:

    Mut ne liiterin yläpuolilaudat oli jo maalattu; maalasit ne vaan uudestaan 🙁

  8. Tinet says:

    Apua, mulla on ihan semmonen mielikuva että jotkut osat oli maalaamattomia. Hmm. Ja mä muistan selvästi että mä sanoin sulle: “Nää laudathan olis ollut hyvä maalata ensin …” ja sä vastasit: “Niin, mutta siinä ei nyt ehditty!”

  9. bubu says:

    Ne jotkut maalaamattomat oli niitä kattoremontin aikana vaihdettuja räystäs- ja harjalautoja. Kaverit teki uudet katot talvella enkä voinu sillon maalata. 🙁

    Yleensä kannattaa tehä ulkomaalaukset kuivimpaan aikaan eli helmi-toukokuussa, siis tällä alueella. Ilman kosteus pitää olla alhainen…