Dahlewitz trip

Bauwagen 3

So Ilan actually seems to agree that getting a house outside the city could be a good idea. (Maybe he’s gotten nervous about my fantasies of refurbishing a construction trailer, like the one in the photo above …?)

We went to look at this fantastic old house today. It’s in pretty bad shape, and, most importantly, it is way too huge for us, so we aren’t going to buy it, after all … But it was fun to visit it nevertheless.

The big room upstairs
Photo by Ilan Katin.
Master bedroom. On the right is The Mold Room. The Mold Room had mold everywhere. The roof used to be broken, and it rained in. Now the house has a brand new roof, and all you need to do is to rip out the walls of the affected rooms and make new ones. Whee!

On the left, outside the frame, is a raw “walk-in closet” with no window, but a couple holes in the wall to compensate.

The Slightly Less Moldy Room upstairs
Photo by Ilan Katin.
The Slightly Less Moldy Room upstairs.
My room :op
Photo by Ilan Katin.
My room :op
Not visibly moldy. The outer walls are disturbingly thin.
The upstairs bathroom
Photo by Ilan Katin.
The upstairs bathroom.
Photo by Ilan Katin.
There was a strong doggie smell downstairs. Aww.
On the right is the new kitchen, which we didn’t like at all …
Behind the door with the heart is The Abominable Toilet.

The hallway upstairs was really cool, with little hidden cupboards in the walls and a winding stairwell full of spiderweb and with a painted over and partly broken window.

Old kitchen
Photo by Ilan Katin.
The old kitchen was much nicer than the new one.
Old kitchen
Photo by Ilan Katin.
I’m guessing this is where the coal powered cooking stove used to stand. Unfortunately most of the stoves have been removed, and the house is now waiting for a more modern heating system.
The piggy in the bathtub!!!!
Photo by Ilan Katin.
The piggy in the bathtub!!!! Seriously the cutest soap holder ever.

Ilan: You would probably buy the house just for the piggy in the bathtub.
Tinet: And then when we would move in, I would run into the kitchen, and then I’d go, “NOOOOOOOOO the piggy in the bathtub is GOOONE!!!!!!”

TV set thrown out in wrath
Photo by Ilan Katin.
TV set thrown out in wrath. Part of the ongoing renovation process.

It was a really amazing house in a really perfect location, but it was way too big for us and a little bit too messed up. :o(

Communist doggie toilet!
Photo by me.
Communist doggie toilet in Blankenfelde!

I thought parts of Dahlewitz were really scary. It looked extremely much like a West German suburb, with new, gaudy houses and perfectly manicured gardens. Blankenfelde (one station closer to Berlin) seems a bit nicer and more “normal”. Lots of commie and antifa tags and posters everywhere, and a Döner place next to the train station. Though the soil is rather sandy.

Blankenfelde and Dahlewitz are less than 10 km from Schönefeld airport. Since Ilan flies around all the time, it would be quite convenient to live within biking distance of the airport, and due to the future noise level, when Schönefeld becomes Berlin’s only airport, we are hoping that everybody is going to want to move out and sell off their houses for cheap …

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