Hopefully a new habit

I got this new sketchbook that has really terrible grainy and smudgy paper. What to do with it? Yesterday I was reminded once again of the importance of life drawing (by the eminent E.K. Weaver). So I did a 3 x 5 minutes session today with Banlieue 13 Ultimatum (the film with the most stupid ending ever, but lots of good poses and nice looking people) …

It is not easy! And Leïto should definitely use less hair products.

As you can see in the bad anatomy I was only getting warmed up, and I actually wanted to do 6 x 5 minutes, but I forgot to log off Skype during the assigned half hour. V`(oo)´V
Maybe it was divine intervention, because thanks to that I could help Ilan with his “stuck inside of Paris with no credit on your phone” drama.

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